• Thursday, February 4, 2010


    William Farley points out there are approximately 75,000 books published about parenting in just the last 10 years! This shows the state of parenting and how wide the gap of information is for parents. Christian books on parenting abound as well. A major on-line book distributor lists over 6,000 different books. Because most of these Christian books embrace a parenting model from the therapeutic world, we seem to have surrended the Bible as an ineffective resource for parenting. One leading resource for parenting advertises that you can experience significant changes using his program only 90 seconds a day. PARENTING IS NOT THAT EASY!

    You and your children are inadequate because of sin and there are times when the inadequacies are quite apparent. We all need the grace of the gospel, especially in times when difficulties arise. Having raised children to adulthood, I can testify that it was only by the grace of God we did it.

    The point is that you need to get used to being an imperfect parent. You will struggle and God can use your struggle as a meeting place to teach the gospel to your children. God's grace is sufficient and the Word of God fully adequate to equip you to effective parenting.

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