Gospel-Powered Parenting: What It Means

  • Wednesday, January 27, 2010
  • In my last post I commended to you the book, “Gospel-Powered Parenting, How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting.” The author, William P. Farley states that assumptions are the foundation for our thought life and he proposes 5 assumptions for effective parenting. They are:
    1. Parenting is not easy
    2. God is sovereign but He uses means
    3. A good offense is better than defense
    4. Understand new birth
    5. Effective parents are not child-centered

    Over the next few weeks I will address these assumptions drawing upon the wisdom of the book along with some of my own comments. I found Farley spot-on in these assumptions.

    Here is a place to start your thinking about gospel-powered parenting. Do you understand how the gospel guides your parenting? Do the seven ways the gospel makes parenting effective listed below make sense to you? If not, begin by reviewing what the gospel is. A place to start is to read Ephesians 1-3 and list what you have received from God by faith in what Christ has done for you on the cross. Also access the logo on this webpage titled “2 Ways to Live” and read through the presentation. Learn the gospel and pray the gospel and then see if these seven points make any sense:
    1. The gospel teaches Christian parents to fear God
    2. The gospel motivates parents to lead by example
    3. The gospel centers families in their male servant-leader
    4. The gospel teaches and motivates parents to discipline their children
    5. The gospel motivates parents to teach their children
    6. The gospel motivates parents to lavish their children with love and affection
    7. The gospel is the solution for inadequate parents


  • Wednesday, January 6, 2010

  • I have done a book study on this blog twice and willing to do another if I can get at least a few responses from you that you would read along with me. The book I am choosing is "Gospel-Powered Parenting; How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting," by William P. Farley. Pastor Farley did me a great big favor and wrote my book on parenting. As I read through the book I kept saying, "that is what I would say if I was this articulate."

    Here is the deal. Send me a response either in the comments to this blog or email me at george@faithbiblelincoln.org and I will let you know whether I will do this or not. Even if I don't do a read-along, do yourself a big favor and buy this book, devour it, and then live it.