It's The Dad Life

  • Wednesday, June 30, 2010
  • Here is one for the dads... Enjoy!

    Dad Life from Church on the Move on Vimeo.

    Kids Catching on in the Gospel-Centered Home

  • Thursday, June 17, 2010

  • Bill and Brita (my son-in-law and daughter) have a young dog that at this time likes to run away. It usually comes back or they find it on the golf course close to their home. Last week after one of the storms, Liberty did not return. They prayed before going to bed that Liberty would come back sometime in the night but the boys woke up to discover that was not the case. They continued to pray that Liberty was safe and would return home.

    Later in the day, Brita called the Capital Humane Society just in case Liberty was picked up. At first they replied that there was no dog there by the description and then corrected themselves and said a dog had been brought in by the County Sheriff meeting that description. Going over to pick up the dog, Brita explained to the boys that they would now have to pay for Liberty to get her back. Here is where teaching the gospel kicked in.

    A discussion among the boys broke out that this kind of sounded like redemption. That Liberty had run away and in her folly became a prisoner to her sin and if they do not pay for her to be released, Liberty may end up being put to death. However, even though she does not deserve it, they will pay for her release and lovingly bring her home, rescuing her.

    The boys caught the connection when they stated that it all sounds like what Christ did for us for our sin and identified it as redemption. Thanks Bill and Brit … your father is unashamedly proud.

    What is the Gospel?

  • Monday, June 14, 2010
  • Clearly presented in this clip. Simple yet so profound.

    What is the Gospel? from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.

    Successful Parenting

  • Thursday, June 10, 2010
  • By Ed Welch, CCEF

    Everyone who has children thinks about the question: How can I be an effective or even successful parent? I have yet to meet a parent who simply wanted to pass children off into the next stage of life with basic physical health in tact but nothing more. (Reminds me of the time I babysat a friend’s goldfish while he was on vacation–simple survival—that was my only goal.)

    We want our children to thrive, and we want to contribute whatever we can to make that happen.

    Parenting, of course, is not a precise recipe. Follow the steps and . . . voila, out pops a fear-of-the-Lord, covenant-keeping, wise young adult. Such parenting would actually oppose the way God does things. All we would have to do is trust in our steps and everything goes fine. Instead, the (much better) system we have received is one where we parent by faith. We trust in Christ every step of the way. We pray tons and love the best we can. Yet, there are some basic directions available to us.


  • Tuesday, June 8, 2010
  • These are some notes from a talk that Dr.Bruce A. Ware, Professor of Christian Theology, Southern Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky gave at a recent seminar. Dr. Ware is one of my favorite theologians and teachers. He also is a proven husband and father. These notes are worth a read and prayerful consideration:

    1. Love. 1) Loving God increasingly w/ all my heart, soul, mind and strength; loving Christ and the cross; loving the gospel — these are the foundation for all else. Drawing from God all I need to be the man and husband God has called me to be is my strength and hope. 2) Loving my wife as Christ loves the Church — this is the umbrella principle for marriage; everything else flows from this responsibility and privilege (Eph 5:25ff).
    2. Leadership. Biblical manhood involves cultivating, embracing, and exercising leadership initiative, especially spiritual leadership initiative. This is a principle that applies to young men and adult single men just as well as to married men. Cultivate, embrace, and exercise spiritual leadership initiative. In marriage, my love for my wife involves and requires that I exert leadership in our relationship. My headship of my wife means I’m responsible for her spiritual growth and well-being. And as a father, I’m responsible in ways that my wife is not for the spiritual development of our children (Eph 6:1-4). And again, to do this, I must be seeking God and growing personally. Only out of the storehouse of my own soul’s growth in God can I assist my wife to grow spiritually.
    3. Example. Lead by example as much as by admonition and instruction. Set the example in: consistent times in the Word and prayer; in sacrificial service for your wife, children, church family members, and community needs; in giving faithfully, generously, and regularly of your finances; in humble admission of wrong-doing along with confession, asking forgiveness, and repentance. Fight pride, fight defensiveness, fight carnality before others.
    4. Authority. All three points above imply and invoke the concept of male-headship. Yes, God has given special authority to husbands and fathers. Learn, though, the correct expression of healthy, constructive, upbuilding, God-honoring, Christ-following authority. Resist and reject the sinful extremes of 1) harshness, bossiness, mean-spirited authoritarianism, and of 2) laziness, apathy, lethargy, negligence, and abdication of authority to the women in our lives. Learn to blend firmness with gentleness, truth with grace, a firm hand with a warm smile.
    5. Acceptance. Each of us is unique as God has made us. We should accept others’ differences w/o thinking ourselves to be either superior or inferior to others. In marriage, my wife is unique, and so in many ways, she is not like me. I need to accept who she is, prayerfully and sensitively seeking to assist her in changing what is sinful and needs to be changed, and accepting what is “just different.”
    6. Listening. One of my wife’s biggest and most real needs is my attentive and respectful listening ear. She loves to share her experiences, thoughts, ideas, feelings, concerns, hurts, joys, etc. I can minister to my wife more than one might think by offering her caring, responsive, and respectful listening and interaction. Learn to listen sympathetically w/o rushing to “fix it” solutions. Connect first heart to heart, then later heart to head. Establish regular times of mutual sharing (yes, mutual), keep short accounts, and act on what you hear and learn.
    7. Understanding. I need to live with my wife in an understanding way (1 Pet 3:7), to learn her needs, her sensitivities. I should seek to know the desires and felt needs of my wife and, when appropriate and possible, fulfill these. I need to discover her “language of love” and make every effort to love her in ways she feels loved.
    8. Work. A man’s main sense of identity, responsibility, and purpose is found in his work. Wives want to take pride in their husbands, and taking pride in their work is an important part of this. Women are not meant to bear the financial weight of a marriage or family, so husbands must work hard and responsibly. As important as work is to a man’s identity and fulfillment, we must not allow work to overshadow our commitment to and time with our wives first, and also to our children. Work hard, work well, work to the honor of Christ, and then put work to rest.
    9. Sexuality. My wife is my only legitimate sexual experience, and I am hers. So, learning to love sexually with increasing skill and pleasure is vitally important to the satisfaction and intimacy of our marriage. See human sexuality for what it is — the good gift of God to be experienced in marriage, as God has designed.
    10. Home. She cares much about our home. The “honey-do” list is far more important to her than she is likely to let on. In love for her, I must pay attention to her requests and treat them as important. But more important even than this is cultivating the “culture” and “ethos” of our home. Develop an atmosphere of appreciation, respect, kindness, service, holiness, happiness, gratefulness, contentment, forgiveness — all as expressions of our love for God and one another.


  • Wednesday, June 2, 2010
  • This month I will focus my postings for the men. I know that probably not many look at this site so if you are a wife and see something that might be good for your husband to see, go ahead and try to get him to give it a look. To prime the pump he will probably enjoy this video by the 835 Crew (and the girls ought to be able to laugh at themselves with this as well) :)