• Wednesday, May 28, 2008

  • Baseball starts this week for my grandsons and so it starts for me. This will take a huge chunk of time in my kid's family life and for Deb and I. Four of Bill and Brit's boys are playing on three different teams so for the next two months, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night I do not have a church event, I will be at a baseball diamond.

    I do not want to waste this time just being a spectator so I am committing to the following:
    1. I want my grandsons to learn to be a witness for Christ in sports. I will be writing more about this in the weeks to come but I will reinforce instruction I know they are getting from their mom and dad. They need to:
    -Obey their coach
    -Respect the umpires
    -Guard their tongues
    -Always encourage others
    -Always play hard
    -Watch their attitude
    Oh yeah ---Grandpa needs to as well from his lawnchair.

    2. I want to pray for evangelism opportunities and seek to witness the gospel of Jesus Christ. The way I handle myself at games and the way my grandsons play can open up doors to engage others.

    Look for upcoming posts titled "Beyond Sportsmanship" as the principles of the gospel ought to take us to a different level of understanding sports, work, and life than the unbeliever. I trust you will not waste your opportunities this summer at the diamond.

    One Reason I Am Thankful for Deb

  • Wednesday, May 14, 2008
  • I am blessed to have my 7 grandsons live nearby and I do enjoy being with them, even babysitting. There is one catch though that I must confess and that is while at least one is still in diapers, I will only babysit when Deb is with me unless it is an emergency. Though part of my daily chores at our acreage is to "scoop poop" every night at the barn, I at least do that with a manure fork about 5 feet long. No such device is available for little boys. I can relate to the following video:

    HANDLING A HOT TOPIC - Home verses Christian verses Public School

  • Sunday, May 4, 2008

  • A hot topic over the years at Faith Bible is how we educate our children. The subject of home school verses Christian school verses public school seems to spark debate often. Cliques are formed and judgments thrown around. In our home we have experienced all three avenues having started our children in public school, then Christian school, and home schooling a foster child. As a family pastor, I have been told that I am against all three at one time or another and I have heard too often of stories in the church about pride in all three camps.

    I am going to let Pastor Joshua Harris speak on this topic as he addressed it to his church recently. I would “amen” his comments and goals knowing that first of all, every parent in our church has made a personal choice and wants the best for their children. We all share the same camp as the church – we are the “saved by grace” camp. Pastor Harris states, “If we don’t all cross the finish line – we all fail. We want to care about other people's kids..them doing well, loving God, being strong…we want hearts that get excited when we see others doing well..see God prospering them..We are all crying out for God’s mercy – it doesn’t matter where your kid goes to school, we all need mercy for it is the only thing that will get us through as moms and dads.”

    Listen to Joshua Harris and then let’s repent of the comments and pray for our families and schools – all 3 camps.