The Gospel and Your 8-Year-Old - It Matters!

  • Thursday, August 26, 2010
  • by Jay Younts, Shepherd Press

    Your eight-year-old hears things. Your son hears wild stories. Your daughter sees the constant allure of commercials. He hears the taunts of the schoolyard. She feels an inner dread growing out of her many fears. How do you help your eight-year-old child with such difficult issues? What is needed most is the news of the gospel; specifically, the good news of the grace of God.

    The word gospel means "good news." Matthew speaks of the Jesus proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom. That is, the good news of the kingdom where Jesus is King. This good news means that people can be rescued from darkness. Your eight-year-old already knows something of this darkness. He knows the darkness personally from the fears and brokenness caused by his own sin. He also knows of the darkness from the ugliness of the world around him. Perhaps he has experienced the death of someone close to him. Or perhaps she has heard the cruel taunts of other children. He may have experienced the vicious devastation of a "natural" disaster or the ravages of war. Whatever the source, he has seen and experienced the attacks of the kingdom of darkness. He was born a slave to this darkness. The good news is that Jesus is able to rescue him from darkness. The gospel matters.

    The Gospel: Simple Yet Profound

  • Wednesday, August 25, 2010
  • This simple song along with the animation would make a great family discussion. Show it to your kids and talk about it after you carefully digest the message yourself.

    The Bible Is Not About You

  • Tuesday, August 24, 2010
  • Pastor Tim Keller makes this point clear that the Bible is not about you but is about Jesus Christ. To read verses contrary to this is to miss the point. Caution about this video: It may change the way you read your Bible in less than 4 minutes.

    The Gospel & Your Toddler - It Matters!

  • Wednesday, August 18, 2010
  • By Jay Younts, Shepherd Press
    The Gospel Matters For Your Toddler

    For most, the statement that the gospel matters for toddlers lacks a sense of immediacy. This seems more suitable for older children and adults. However, this perspective reveals a common underlying problem. The problem is that information transfer is seen as the primary method of bringing people to Christ. In other words, you tell someone about Christ and hope they will respond. The person to whom you are speaking is the one who holds the cards. Your role is ultimately passive.

    Biblically, the spread of the gospel is more appropriately tied to the imagery of search and rescue in a time of war. The setting is not one of communication of information in a time of peace. In Matthew 28 Jesus says that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to him. Then, he instructs his followers to make disciples of all the nations. Christ does not say to give information about the gospel, he simply says to make disciples. In the first chapter of Colossians Paul says that we have been rescued from the domain of darkness and brought into the kingdom of light. This passage describes rescuing people from imminent danger. These two passages call to mind the classic warfare waged between light and darkness. This is how we should consider Christ's command to bring the gospel to all nations. The Scriptures do not paint a picture of asking someone's permission to tell them about Jesus Christ. Rather, the picture is of someone committed to a mission of searching for and rescuing the lost. This mission defines life itself for those who undertake it.

    A Profile in Courage .. Not!

  • Friday, August 13, 2010
  • Sorry if you follow this page that I have not posted anything for a few weeks. I will try and pick it up again.

    When I saw this video I screamed at this guy! All kinds of essays came to my mind but I will allow our brother Erik Raymond of Omaha Bible Church in Bellevue speak as he does a much better job than I would have.

    Guys ... Don't shy away from the foul balls headed at your family!

    Erik writes:

    A line drive is hit at a Major League baseball game right at a guy and his girlfriend. The guy bails and the girl takes it off the arm. Then the sideline reporter comes down and gives it to him.

    At the risk of over spiritualizing this, I just want to note that this is a great cultural snapshot of something that is lost in the fall. Instead of standing in there and protecting his girlfriend (like he said he would) he is overly concerned with himself and he cowardly bails on her. As men we do this when we fall down on the job of leading and loving our wife through gospel service. To not lead is to retreat into a shell of a man.

    So yes this guy breaks all sorts of conventional man laws, none can argue this. But, even more he reminds us of the ugliness of being a cowardly guy and the priority of manning up in all areas of life, not just in catching foul balls. Only the gospel can bring true, enduring change to men.