Moving On: New Topic For May - Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

  • Friday, April 20, 2007
  • SAME, DIFFERENT OR BOTH? Men and Women in God's Design:

    There are two messages that are completly foreign to today's culture - the Gospel of Jesus Christ and biblical manhood and womanhood. The rise of feminism and the emasculating of men is the air our culture breathes. The problem we as a church face is that we breathe the same air and are very vulnerable to wrong thinking. At the upcoming Faith Family Forum on May 11 we will allow God's Word to press in on our lives as men and women so we apply the Scriptures to our thinking and actions in this vital area.

    Starting this Sunday, April 22, you can sign up for the forum at the table as you enter the church building. There is no cost for the night but tickets are required. We have planned another great evening of fellowship.


  • Thursday, April 19, 2007
  • A stone is defined as mineral matter of indeterminate size or shape. A rock is a concentrated mass of stone. So, how big does a stone have to be to be called a rock? How about in the context of setting our priorities in life - what determines if something is a rock?

    Did you know that the most common word for "glory" in the Old Testament is the Hebrew word 'kabod' which literally means weighty or heavy. Using this as a theme, what if we would define a rock in my life as that which is weighty. But weighty to whom? Are we to live our lives to glorify God in all we do? Or in other words, we are to make God look great in all dimensions of our lives and make Him weighty. The pursuit of the glory of God helps bring meaning and excellence as well as move us from a random life to an intentional life. Some questions to ask yourself:

    1. Are there areas of your life where the glory of God is either gravel or stone?
    2. How can God increase the size and add weight to your stones that really need to be rocks?
    3. What areas of your life need spiritual attention?

    For the time being, this will end the articles about priorities and rocks. We will from time to time revisit this but starting tomorrow we will begin setting up for the next Faith Family Forum on May 11. The topic will be Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.


  • Thursday, April 5, 2007
  • Jesus stated that “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind,” is the “great and foremost commandment “ This is the boulder of your rocks. How do we set this boulder in place? Here are some questions to see if we do indeed love God as such.

    First: Do you love the Lord your God? To love God is to love Him because He is God, not because of anything of me. It is to love Him wholly by breaking any contest between my self-centeredness and God-centeredness and declaring it is God alone.

    Is God the passion of your heart? That which you love with your heart you sacrifice for. The heart is where we make decisions. Do your decisions about your life, family, and job reflect you are moved by God and toward God?

    Is God the passion of your soul? The soul is that point where we contact the inner person with the outer person. It is where love and emotion meet and enthusiasm rises. Is God so valuable to you that you are constantly seeking to increase His value in your life? What about sin? Is your love for Jesus exceeding your love for sin? Are you willing to reach a point in your life that you have no desire to sin again? Do you make sin trivial and dabble with it as if it is of little significance to God?

    Is God the passion of your mind? Here is where our intellect, our ability to reason, reflect and desire rightly occurs. We are limited in our minds and must realize that because of limited knowledge, we are gullible and must seek for the Word of God to supervise, control, and instruct us. True love for God calls for submitting ourselves to the revelation of Scripture for God has spoken and the Scripture represents exactly what He meant. Are you recognizing that the Word of God diagnoses our foolishness, motives and decisions? Do you love God so much that you want to hear more and more from Him? Do you want to see yourself correctly by allowing God to bring correction to you?

    Set your boulder in place – then place your rocks upon it – and then let the gravel flow. How are your rocks going?

    By the way…we have begun plans for May 11 and the next Faith Family Forum. Look for information beginning next week and put it on your calendar. We have a great night planned!