• Sunday, July 6, 2008


    This is an easy week of reading (3 pages) but require a lot of thought and assessment of your methods of teaching your children. It will likely hit you in your comfort zone.

    The Tripps introduce “How to share biblical concepts with children so they understand.” How do we get our children to understand words, phrases, doctrinal declarations from God’s Word? We have difficulty with it ourselves! The attitudes and conduct we expect from our children depend heavily upon a spiritual foundation of understanding. The Tripps propose 3 principles to help with the process:

    1. Don’t mix imaginary stories with true Bible stories. I fully agree with this and it is the reason why a couple of years ago I cleaned out the Faith Bible Church children’s library of “Veggie Tales” videos. They are fun entertainment that teaches good morals but they are horrible teaching tools for the Bible.

    2. Don’t trivialize the gospel to be “relevant.” If you have taken the advanced training for children’s ministry at Faith Bible Church then you know I address this. A common method of children’s ministry (and adult teaching as well) is to try and make the Bible relevant to our lives. WRONG and DANGEROUS! Help your children understand that their life is to be relevant to God’s Word and the gospel – confession, repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, mercy, grace, and on and on…

    3. Help young children to relate Bible stories in tactile and physical ways. Be creative. Children learn best when multiple senses are involved. Help them beyond just hearing the stories, but help them see it, touch it, and speak it.

    APPLICATION: Very simply evaluate yourselves in all 3 areas and begin to prepare yourself for changing the way you instruct your children.


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