• Monday, July 14, 2008

  • Hay season was particularly hectic for us this past month trying to get the hay cut, dried, baled, and into the barn in between rain storms. Several nights we were picking up bales with the beauty and the fright of lightning about us. We picked up the last bale from the fields for this year last Friday night, just as the storm was entering the area.

    Deb and I are going to take a few weeks off from ministry and so I may put an article or two on the site here or I may not. We still have storm damage to clean up from the Spring on the farm and horses that need as much exercise as we do.

    I am looking forward to extended time reading the Word and hopefull a few books to nourish my soul. Also some recharging to continue to grow as a pastor and servant.

    The picture is of Deb and I heading out for a load of hay bales taken by her sister.


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