• Friday, January 7, 2011
  • Probably like many of you, I spent some time reflecting at year's end and then planning for this new year. In fact, I am to report next week to the staff what my goals are for this year. My mind did take a bunny trail and I gave thought to longer range goals and about the future. Even further … what about forever? I found this list of things that last forever from David Murray and the good things are mine because of Christ and the bad things were mine. Makes me think that I would sure like to let some other people know what is ahead for them and what could be. How about you?

    Bad things that will last forever

    Everlasting Punishment (Matthew 25:46): Implies infinite crime

    Everlasting Destruction (2 Thess. 1:9): Destruction not of being but of well-being

    Everlasting Darkness (Jude 10) : A night with no moon, no stars, and no morning

    Everlasting Fire (Matthew 18:8): Causes everlasting weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth

    Everlasting Contempt (Daniel 12:2): Despised, belittled, and disregarded

    Everlasting Confusion (Jer. 20:11): Disorder, disorganization, chaos, unpredictability

    Everlasting Chains (Jude 6): Bondage, limitation, oppression, powerlessness

    Everlasting Worm (Mark 9:44): Worm of conscience gnawing and chewing away forever

    Good things that will last forever

    Everlasting Kindness (Isa. 54:8): Not sporadic and spasmodic

    Everlasting Salvation (Isa. 45:17): Not just physical/temporary deliverances, but spiritual/eternal

    Everlasting Light (lsa. 60:19): A morning with no cloud, no sunset, and no night

    Everlasting Consolation (2 Thess. 2:16): Healing, comfort, warmth, peace, relaxation

    Everlasting Love (Jer. 31:3): A love with no beginning or end

    Everlasting Kingdom (Dan. 4:3): Because of an everlasting King

    Everlasting Arms (Dt. 33:27): Arms = defense, protection, support, strength

    Everlasting Joy (Isa. 51:11): Unending smiles, laughter, delight, happiness

    Everlasting Covenant (Isa. 55:3): Promises that will never be broken, no matter the circumstances

    Everlasting Name (Isa. 56:5): How can you get a better name than a son or daughter of God?

    Everlasting Life (Matt. 19:29): Infinite in quantity and quality


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