• Tuesday, December 7, 2010
  • I was thinking of my own discipline for memorizing God's Word and thought I would next try to tackle the book of Titus since Pastor Tom is preaching it. Have you ever memorized a whole book of the Bible? I have done a few and find it especially enriching as passages of Scripture are suddenly understood in their context and the richness of the language comes alive.

    Titus is only 46 verses and if you break it down into 3 a week (except 4 the last week), you can have it memorized in 15 weeks. Pastor Tom will still be preaching it in 15 weeks. So even if you start January 1, you will still likely beat him to the end.

    Our household (Deb and I) challenged Bill and Brit and their sons to do the same. (Asa who is 4 gets a break but still will do some of the passages.) At the end of the 15 weeks, we will have a Titus "verse" quiz at the dinner table and spontaneously someone will be picked to recite verses and then Grandpa will stop them at a point and someone will pick it up from there. If they all do it right, they will receive a reward. We will receive the reward of the blessing of hearing the Word from their lips praying they are treasuring it in their hearts.

    The way I memorize Scripture is I buy 3 X 5 cards on a spiral binding and write out the verses. I then do most of my memory work in the car. Even if I just do it coming to church and home each day, I will have spent 20 minutes on memorization. Doing it this way keeps my personal devotion time focused on other disciplines.

    If you want to hear or read a great message about Scripture memorization, here is John Piper's message Thy Word I Have Treasured in My Heart.


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