• Friday, October 29, 2010
  • With the addition of Pastor Michael K. to the staff, we have had to deal with a serious communication issue on a daily basis. Many of you have heard his mom and dad (Franklin and Sarah) teach and we all smile and act like we understand them with their accent. So we do with Michael on a daily basis. So you feel our pain, check out Bill Cosby and have a laugh


    PegS said...

    Pastor George, did that bring back some memories! Wayne and I lived briefly in Knoxville, TN. I say briefly because Wayne never caught on to the language. First there was the business of soda pop. Well, we've lived where we've called it soda, and others where its pop (as Neb), but in TN it is COKE. ALL pop is Coke. Thus the first time his employees asked if he wanted a Coke. He said yes, then they said what kind, and Wayne just stared at them. "Coke! I want a Coke!" was about all he could say. Another time an employee said something was "down yonder" and Wayne learned that things could be judged as being down yonder, over yonder and one more that I no longer remember. The clincher was the guy he interviewed for a job who wrote on his app. that he speaks another language--hillbilly! Some day you'll have to ask him about "road kill is good eats"! Thanks for his happy memory!

    Pastor George said...

    Great story Peg! I went through grief growing up in Brooklyn and then going to Wyoming with a pretty heavy Brooklyn accent and language base. We too had different words for common items including pop. In New York it is soda and pop is an ice cream pop. So when I would be asked if I wanted a pop, I would think I was getting ice cream.

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