Kids Catching on in the Gospel-Centered Home

  • Thursday, June 17, 2010

  • Bill and Brita (my son-in-law and daughter) have a young dog that at this time likes to run away. It usually comes back or they find it on the golf course close to their home. Last week after one of the storms, Liberty did not return. They prayed before going to bed that Liberty would come back sometime in the night but the boys woke up to discover that was not the case. They continued to pray that Liberty was safe and would return home.

    Later in the day, Brita called the Capital Humane Society just in case Liberty was picked up. At first they replied that there was no dog there by the description and then corrected themselves and said a dog had been brought in by the County Sheriff meeting that description. Going over to pick up the dog, Brita explained to the boys that they would now have to pay for Liberty to get her back. Here is where teaching the gospel kicked in.

    A discussion among the boys broke out that this kind of sounded like redemption. That Liberty had run away and in her folly became a prisoner to her sin and if they do not pay for her to be released, Liberty may end up being put to death. However, even though she does not deserve it, they will pay for her release and lovingly bring her home, rescuing her.

    The boys caught the connection when they stated that it all sounds like what Christ did for us for our sin and identified it as redemption. Thanks Bill and Brit … your father is unashamedly proud.


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