Working Towards a Praying Life

  • Monday, July 13, 2009
  • I just finished about a 6 week journey through the book A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller. I struggle with my prayer life and have read several books on prayer to try and improve this area. Many of the books just frustrate me more than when I started. I may get a jolt for awhile and soon I am falling back into the old habits. I keep lists, have done journals, topic of the day, Scripture praying and many other things. I do pray and often but it seems like I am using God as a dispenser of my wants and desires rather than seeing prayer as a means to connect with God in the midst of the happenings of the day.

    Paul Miller’s book has been a big help. It has helped me understand fuller the meaning of prayer and how to pray as a regular part of my day to day moments. The book is rich with examples from the Scriptures along with life examples from the author. A look into his family will hit home for many who read this book.

    I am currently applying his tool of prayer cards rather than prayer lists. It has proved useful already. I believe in prayer as what has been quoted as the slender nerve that moves the powerful muscle of God. I commend this book to you as it is in 32 short chapters that can be read in 10-15 minutes each providing clear examples by the author as to application. The 4-6 weeks of a chapter nearly every day will be worth it.

    I do not know how long it will be on sale, but right now the book is available from Monergism Books at 40% off. Just use the coupon code “prayinglife” to get the discount.


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