INSTRUCTING A CHILD'S HEART - Chapter 7: Auhtority is God's Plan

  • Sunday, August 24, 2008

  • Authority begins with God. He is over all and there is no equal. All of humankind and creation stands under the sovereign might of the Lord. His authority carries over to His care, provision, and protection which is the general principle for all who God gives authority to - including parents.

    God's Word makes it clear that blessing is found when children honor and obey their parents (Ephesians 6:1-3). Obedience is submission to God's authority and honor is the way we respond to that authority. The promise of God is that when children follow this, they will find great joy and happiness.

    When children do not follow God's design for authority in their life under parents who pursue God's plan of care, provision, and protection, the child falls into all the dangers of being a fool.

    We as parents must model to our children submission to authorities in our lives - in the home, society, and to God. We should show and talk to our children about the struggles of doing this and the grace and strength that God provides for obedience.

    As children grow, they need to be taught to be good decision makers. To understand boundaries and how to apply wisdom in situations where they are free to choose. Teens need parents to shepherd them and to model good decision-making processes.

    Our ultimate shepherd-model is Jesus Christ. Point children to His wonderful example.

    1. Why is authority so important to all of us?

    2. What does God provide as the authority structure for the home? How does your home demonstrate this model?

    3. How are your children fitting the "circle of blessing" on page 83? Are things going well or are they struggling? Why?

    4. Do you have a method of appeal in place for your older children when there are decisions they would like to discuss?

    5. How are you teaching your older children to be wise decision makers?


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