• Sunday, June 15, 2008


    Getting the big picture is imperative. Those who have been in any of the Parenting by Faith classes know that we emphasize that we do not place our belief in what our children do today but believe what can happen to our children if we are faithful and obedient to the promises and commands of God.

    The Tripps give us in this chapter 5 perspectives or goals to focus on that shapes formative instruction.

    1. To remember that Scripture is our personal history. The storyline of Scripture is Creation, Fall, and Redemption and it is in this context that we understand life.

    2. We are to teach our children to develop habits of life that reflect truth. Having a clear, consistent presentation of biblical reality reveals their sinful nature and helps them read and interpret this reality.

    3. We are to instruct our children to apply Scripture to issues of authority, obedience, conflict resolution and God-given roles in relationships. It is how we respond to these areas and the crisis of life that makes our theology real.

    4. We are to model spiritual vitality for our children. The home is the laboratory of life.

    5. We are to strive to grow into a mutual relationship of living and working together for Christ’s kingdom.

    1. Have you given serious consideration to goals for your children? What do you want them to look like in the next 5, 10, 15 years?

    2. Do you understand the Scriptures from a full storyline perspective or do you see it as just a bunch of stories? If not, will you commit yourself to understanding the whole story? See Pastor George for resources.

    3. How are your habits to apply the Scriptures to all situations of life? Check the box on page 27 for an example of teaching the habit to your children.

    4. Assess the spiritual vitality of your home. Are the storms of life seen as opportunities to grow? Are the children seeing how to rejoice? Persevere? Trust and obey?

    5. Are you setting up a future vision in accordance with Psalm 78 – where one day your children will arise and teach the next generation?


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