Chapter 9 – Concerning Sex: Straight to the Heart of What Keeps Us Apart

  • Saturday, April 19, 2008

  • There are different places where the health of a marriage may manifest itself. Apart from physical reasons, one of the most obvious places is the bedroom. There is a sparkle and an open demonstration of joy and unity that points a couple to their Creator when there is satisfaction sexually. Pastor Harvey gives a frank, open, and necessary talk about the adventure of sex in marriage. The marriage bedroom becomes a place where all the elements, joys, and meaning or marriage are expressed. Make sure you take time to do the “Let’s Talk” sections with your spouse so you can work to experience the final paragraph, “When Sinners Say WOW!”

    1. Often times, our view of romance and sex has been shaped by different influences. What are some that have shaped your own view?

    2. What are some of the ways men and women may differ in their view of sex? How can these impact physical intimacy in a marriage?

    3. Pastor Harvey gives 3 biblical truths about sex in marriage:
    *It is a protection against temptation
    *It is an expression of service to our spouse
    *It is meant to be a delight for both partners
    Which of these truths would you like to see expressed better in your marriage?

    4. What are some practical things you can do as a couple to strengthen sexual intimacy in your marriage?

    Check out Pastor Dave Harvey speaking about this chapter in the following short video:


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