In The Meantime.... Date Nights

  • Wednesday, August 1, 2007
  • Besides trying to be more active with this site - we need to know where some good spots are in town to eat or things to do. How about getting involved and sending in your suggestions. You can put them on the site here or email them to me at the church. Here is a suggested outline. Deb and I will plan on going out sometime in the next week and post our comments on where I take her. If you want - include pictures!

    Restaurant Name


    Rating: (Using our own system)
    5 stars - Great date night place. Your wife will want to return.
    4 stars - Nice place and atmosphere. Your wife will be happy.
    3 stars - Sold place. Your wife will appreciate your efforts.
    2 stars - Alright place. Your wife will be a little less than impressed.
    1 star - Don't dare to take her there. Your wife would prefer fast food.

    Price Range:

    Best Way to Eat Cheap:

    Favorite Dish:

    Anything to Avoid:


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